What’s up with the Vuitton x Koons Collab?

Spring 2017 has brought lots of new and exciting collections thus far, and there is still so much more to come! However, with any spring launches, there's always the risk that it could miss the mark for some of the potential buyers. For me, the newest collection that misses the mark is Louis Vuitton's collaboration … Continue reading What’s up with the Vuitton x Koons Collab?


Featured Bag

Okay, so, it's really no secret that I'm obsessed with bags. Big bags, little bags, satchels, carryalls, I love them all. However, recently I have been definitely favouring my Rogue. Part of the Coach 1941 collection, this bag is the underdog of fashion right now. Beautiful, soft, supple leather with an ultra luxe suede lining, … Continue reading Featured Bag