Bag of the Week: Fendi Kan I

A newer arrival at Fendi which has been widely covered by many bloggers already is the new Kan I bag. Needless to say, this bag is on my list. I’m an absolute sucker for structured bags, and the Kan I features a cool combination of luxurious leather, structure, colour and detail. I almost find the Natural and White Kan I bag (pictured) with the scalloped edges to be reminiscent of my childhood days making gingerbread houses in December. A client of mine recently managed to score the Mini Kan I in Ice White, and the gold hardware detailing was so feminine and bold, yet completely refined. I do find the mini to be more comparable to a clutch, or WOC, but it is still entirely adorable.

This collection itself is just so young, fun, and different! Very excited to see it’s development in upcoming years! What do you guys think so far? Do you have a favourite piece from the line? Comment below and let me know!

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fendi kan i

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