A Quick Men’s Guide to Dressing Up

‘Well boys, prom is right around the corner (if not here already, for some). You know what that means…….. DRINKING! Just kidding, this isn’t THAT kind of post. But seriously, this post is going to focus on how to combine colours and fits in order to look picture perfect on the big day. So, without further delay, let’s begin!


For the Tall and Slim

Deep blues and greys will be your friends. A solid black suit is going to add to your height, and give you more the appeal of a bouncer. If you are as slim as you are tall, adding a vest layered underneath your coat will give the illusion of a fuller (perhaps more muscular?) frame. You’ll want to stick with lighter shirt colours, to brighten the outfit, while maintaining a sleek aesthetic.

Canali Classic Fit Wool Suit: $1695 at Nordstrom.ca


For the Shorter, Stockier Guy

Worried your date will outshine (and outheight) you in her 6 inch pumps? Worry not! Dark colour blocking will make you look both fit and sophisticated. A dark black or blue suit, paired with a classic white dress shirt is easy to pair with a colourful tie that matches your dates dress or suit. A coat with contrast buttons, or a contrast lapel, will also give an illusion of tall and slender. While pattern can be fun, it should be done as minimalist as possible, with subtle colours and flat materials. That is, steer clear of anything with lots of texture, such as glitter or suede.



Calibrate Trim Fit Wool Blend Tux: $420 at Nordstrom.ca


For The Average Joe

Ah, yes. The not-ripped but also not-dad-bod-having guy. Well my friend, today is your lucky day. You can wear pretty much everything (especially robins egg blue….. your date will definitely love that). But seriously, this is your time to play around. Go for something to set you apart from the crowd, like a deep maroon or a neutral pinstripe suit. Go for a light cream, or deep metallic bronze. Depending on your preferences, a trim fit suit will likely compliment your shape without making you seem taller or shorter. Hey, maybe even toss in a quirky bow-tie!



Ted Baker Jenner Trim Jacket: $672 at Nordstrom.ca

For Any Guy

The most important thing to remember for any fancy occasion, your confidence is what is going to make you look your best. My suggestions are just that… suggestions. Each person is going to like and dislike different things, so you do you (boo)! Just make sure to remember a pocket square!




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