Bag of the Week

Sometime’s it’s nice to take a step back from new fashions and just admire the classics. I don’t know about you, but nothing screams “classic” to me like the beautiful Chanel Boy Handbag. I mean gosh, every time I see that classic quilted leather and striking gold hardware, my heart grows a tiny bit warmer. I personally prefer the look of the standard 18 x 28 size, however the larger sizes are both practical and luxurious. I mean, the bag has been floating down the street of Paris for a few years now, but it still appears time and time again on the arms of celebs everywhere. I just can’t see it ever going out of style! Either way, the following photos feature some of both classic and new boy bags that are on the market right now.


boy bag beige

Boy Chanel Handbag in Beige ($5350):

boy bag black metal

Boy Chanel Handbag in Embossed Calfskin ($5350):


chanel boy bag portero

Medium Boy Bag in Black, Brushed Metal (SALE $4650):

But enough about what I think! Do you still like to boy bag, or do you think his time has passed? Let me know in the comments below!




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