Leah Alexandra’s Summer Collection

I’ve never been much of a jewellery fan, but on the odd occasion I find a few pieces that I really adore. Now, Victoria isn’t necessarily a shopping hub; but there are a few hidden gems (hehe, pardon the pun) around the city. My favourite boutique is a trendy little spot on Government Street called Violette.


I wouldn’t be a real millennial if I didn’t take a picture of my Purchases


Aside from their helpful and knowledgable staff, Violette boasts an amazing selection of a ton of local Canadian jewellery makers (keep it local, yo!) In particular, they feature the collections of Canadian designer Leah Alexandra. Leah is a Ryerson graduate who works out of Vancouver. All of her Jewellery is hand made out of materials like sterling silver, moonstone, gold, topaz, and other precious/semi precious metals and stones. While I was unable to meet Leah when she did a trunk show at Violette last week, I did stop by to pick up a few new pieces during the following days (See the Syd choker below). Needless to say, I am blown away by the quality, beauty, and craftsmanship that each piece displays. Despite the amount of International attention Leah and her jewellery has gotten, they are still readily available at extremely reasonable price points, making the collection accessible to everyone. Enough rambling though, browse through some of the collection and see the pieces for yourself!

trielle emerald and onyx

Trielle Emerald and Onyx Ring: $165 at Leah Alexandra

rainbow ring

Black  Garnet Rainbow Ring: $98 at Leah Alexandra

Joni Turquoise

Joni Turquoise Ring: $162 at Leah Alexandra 

Black Gemstone cuff

Black Garnet Cuff: $168 at Leah Alexandra

axis labradorite

Axis Labradorite Cuff: $175 at Leah Alexandra 

multi climber

Garnet, Labradorite and Topaz Climbers: $175 at Leah Alexandra

sloane moonstone ear

Sloane Gemstone Chain Earrings: $130 at Leah Alexandra

malin necklace

Malin Necklace: $175 at Leah Alexandra 

moonstone necklace

Moonstone Channel Necklace: $120 at Leah Alexandra 


Gold Filled Syd Choker: $120 at Leah Alexandra


The full Leah Alexandra collection is available to browse at Leahalexandra.com. Hope you guys enjoyed an inside view on some of my favourite pieces!





Disclaimer: In Thisguise has no affiliation with Leah Alexandra or Violette Boutique.


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