Tattoo Ideas for Fashion Lovers

So -if it isn’t clear by now- I love fashion. I might not be able to sport the Fendi bags and Louboutin shoes I always gawk at and talk about (damn you tuition fees!) but I still have such a deep and profound admiration for fashion that it makes its way into every aspect of my life. As such, I have spent a lot of time considering the perfect tattoo to both compliment my body, and represent my love for all things glam. Here I drafted a little list of some neat ideas I have seen on youtube, pinterest, and instagram. Enjoy!


lash tat

Eyelash Tattoo by @cosmic.karma!



chanel tat.jpg

Chanel N.5 Tattoo (Artist Unknown) 




fashion tat

Hung Up on Fashion Tattoo (Artist Unknown)



man tat

Mannequin Torso (Artist Unknown)




bal tat

Look at the precious little City Bag! (Artist Unknown)




Line Face Tattoo by Mo Ganji





Disclaimer: These are not my photographs, nor my tattoos. While I made every attempt to credit the original artists, the majority of these pieces were posted on the internet, and then reposted by me.


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